Appuntamenti per la settimana

15 November 2006 – 6:31 pm

Questi appuntamenti sono stati segnalati dal celebre blog in inglese New World Notes, curato da Wagner James Au, che ha collaborato con Linden Labs negli anni scorsi.

Dato che gli eventi in programma si svolgono in inglese e in aree dove presumibilmente si parlera’ inglese, lascio in inglese anche la loro descrizione…se avete bisogno di una traduzione, chiedetela con un commento :-)

Tutti gli orari sono riferiti al Second Life Time o SLT, corrispondente a Pacific Standard: per ottenere l’ora italiana si devono aggiungere 9 ore.

Se organizzate o siete a conoscenza di eventi collgati alla presenza italiana in Second Life siete invitati a pubblicizzarli su questo sito (il modo piu’ facile per farlo e’ segnalarli nel forum) in modo che altri italiani di Second Life possano partecipare.

(su questa mostra vedi l’articolo in italiano) - The “13 Most Beautiful Avatars” is a multi-verse exhibit of avatar portraits taken by Italian artists Eva and Franco Mattes. The in-world exhibition at the Ars Virtua Gallery will parallel the real world showing at Columbia University in New York. The in-world exhibit runs from November 15 - December 29, launching with an opening reception on November 15 at 6PM. In Downden (42,59,52).

Wednesday, November 15

12-3AM - Dia de los Muertos / Day of the Dead Exhibit
Come learn about this ancient tradition in Mexican culture as they honor their dead with colorful displays, food and festivity. Sponsored by the Knafelc Institute of Human Behaviour. At Juwangsan (93,54).

8:30AM / 5PM - Customer Service Discussion
Robin Linden of Linden Lab is hosting the first in a series of in-world customer service discussions, following up on several blog comments. At Alice (156,104). Then again at 5PM at Ambleside (110,9).

11AM - Friends “How To” Class
Do you have no SL friends? Are you sick of the ones you have? Helen Dayton teaches a class on managing your “friends” list, granting rights, even muting avatars. Sponsored by *TUi* Neo. At Beyond the Prim (21, 219).

* * *

Thursday, November 16

1:30PM - Town Hall with Philip Linden
Philip Linden, CEO of Linden Lab, will host another Town Hall at 1:30PM. Come by Pooley or “listen in” to the stream from anywhere on the grid. More information at At Pooley (247,4).

4-6PM - Avatar Chess
Creative Commons is sponsoring the first game of “Avatar Chess” on Kula Island. “Avatar Chess” is a team-based game of chess played by 32 avatars created by Barney Boomslang. The chess set itself will be provided for free under a CC Attribution Share-Alike license - so teams can start to do their own set of avatars to have different styles.

6PM- Discussion on the Virtual State
Do the real-world concepts of “state”, “nation”, and “government” have any applicability to the Internet and virtual worlds like Second Life? Is a virtual nation possible, and could one ever become the equal of a traditional state? Or is the nation-state simply a meaningless anachronism in a global virtual community? Come philosophize about these questions and more in the Druid’s Grove. In Slosser (165,231).

8PM - Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Radio Show
Bring a towel and your babelfish to another listening party, enjoying two episodes of Douglas Adam’s radio show “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” In Embu (35,102).

* * *

Friday, November 17

4PM - Closing Party for Xin Project
Richard Sudden’s Xin’s House, a building project that he is working on with Agnes Scott College, is coming to a close on Friday. The house is a “meditation on the world, expressing inter/national cultures, their languages, symbols, philosophies, music and speech, sciences and medicine, geography and more.” Come check it out before it disappears into the ether. At Sheep Island (228, 168).

4PM- Learn to Make a Waterfall Cave
Anhayla Lycia will teach all of your intermediate builders out there how to make a lovely cave with a waterfall, along with a bench, poseballs and other accents. Sponsors by Teazers U at New Orleans (210,234).

7PM - Luigi Diprima on Acoustic Guitar
Luigi Diprima will be performing blues and ballads on the acoustic guitar tonight in the Lily Pad Lounge at Clyde (118, 165).

* * *

Saturday, November 18

12PM - “All That Glitters” Fashion Show
The “All that Glitters” Fashion Showcase produced by the Atlantis Modelling Agency will feature the dress designs of Moodii Moxie of Simplicity and jewelry and foot wear by Raven Callisto of 7 Deadly Prims. At Dublin (165,14).

2PM - Video Showing: the Effect of US Legal Structure on the Family
There will be an in-world video showing of Helen M. Alvare giving a lecture on the changes in the American family, originally given as part of a Catholic Social Teaching Certificate Program at the John Paul II Center in Washington, DC hosted by The Catholic University & Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice.

6PM - Samurai Night at Karyukai Tea House
Come dressed as your favorite samurai character from fiction and film to be entertained by geisha, food, and plentiful sake. No swordplay during dinner please. At Pyrina (202, 52).

7PM - Kori Travanti Live at Hukilau
Kori Travanti will be performing “ElectrAcoustic Fusion” music in the village at Hukilau (188,129.)

* * *

Sunday, November 19

1PM - Interview with Mark Simmons, publisher of Games Quarterly
Come by the SL Library to participate in an hour-long audio interview with Mark Simmons, publisher of Games Quarterly, a magazine about tabletop games, and founder of “National Games Week.” At Info Island (91,193).

5PM - Hockey Practice and Recruitment
Come by the rink at Jericho Hill to learn how to handle the puck and join teams starting up for the next season. Bring you own skates (and not those sissy ice dancing ones). They’ll provide the hockey sticks. One hour practice, followed, of course, by one hour at the bar de-briefing. At Jericho (227, 138)

5PM - Class on Inter-object Communication
I always knew those prims were talking about me! Aryn Lassard teaches a class on getting your objects to communicate with each other, and with avatars. Not for newbs, intermediate level scripters welcome. Sponsored by NCI at Kuula (54,175).

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