Appuntamenti 20-24 dicembre

20 December 2006 – 4:06 pm

Ecco alcuni eventi interessanti per i prossimi giorni, tratti come sempre dall’ottimo blog inglese NWN…niente traduzione per ora…

December 15-22 - Menorah Lightings
For avatars of the Jewish persuasion, there will be a number of menorah lightings happening in-world. Info Island is sponsoring one every day of Channukah at 1PM and 4:15PM SLT. Also at the Second Life Synagogue in Nessus (14, 147, 103) and Rumgally (175,125).

Wednesday December 20

1pm - Kuurian Expedition talk on “Who are the new Publics of Second Life”
Text100’s Smiddy Smails and Gregor Kondo will lead a discussion around the question: “Who are the new publics of Second Life?” This presentation will look at the various groups in virtual worlds, how they relate to each other and the implications for communicators of all stripes. At Text100 Island (184, 73, 91)

2:30PM - Technical Townhall Meeting with Cory Linden
The December Town Hall will be with Cory Linden, Linden Lab Chief Technical Officer. The main event will be at the Pooley Stage, but you can grab a Repeater and follow along anywhere in-world or find a listening party to hang out with others.

4PM - Saturnalia Silly Holiday Combat
Saturnalia, the Roman predecessor to the modern Christmas, will be celebrated in Roman-themed Colonia Nova with an epic tournament of silly combat. Bring any non-weapon or pick up whatever pillows and rubber chickens are lying around for some light-hearted melee. There will be fabulous prizes for the “winner.” At Colonia Nova (193,241).

* * *

Thursday December 21

12PM - Learn to Build a Havana Table and a Rose Vase
Instructor Moriah Page is teaching a level 3 course on building a havana table and a rose vase. Learn how to twist, cut and taper prims, as well as texture manipulation. At Beyond the Prim (34,225).

4PM - “Nearest to the Pin” Golf Tournament
Bring your putter and your nine iron to Hollywood (190,161) to show off your skills on the green. Hosted by Katsuhito Tal.

6PM - 3000 AD Artists Gallery Launch
The 3000 AD Artist Colony is launching their new gallery with an art show featuring the dizzying work of jjccc Coronet. At 3000 AD (191,7).

8-11PM - Sale to Benefit Childrens Hospice
Come by Midnyte City (219,47) to do some holiday shopping with all proceeds going to the Children’s Hospice, a care facility for terminally ill children. On sale are Christmas Lights, trees, decorations, snowmen, snowglobes, snow machines… well, you get the picture.

* * *
Friday December 22

4:30PM - Bill and Pam Havercamp in Concert
Catch the singing, guitar-pickin’ couple Bill and Pam Havercamp performing live at Coyote Ugly at Plush Terra (82,197).

10PM - Regatta ad Libitum
The Kazenojin Seiringu sailing fleet invites all aspiring sailors to their regatta series. Free sailboats are available and all skill levels welcome. At Crecopia (60,62).

7-10PM - Formal Skate Dance
Yes, there are lots of formal holiday balls around this time, and there are ice skating parties all over the grid. But here’s a formal skating party with L$200 given to the best dressed couple. That’s at the Winter Wonderland in Sugarloaf (196,93).

* * *
Saturday December 23

6-9PM - CC Chapman Gallery Show
The Soho gallery is featuring the art photography of CC Chapman. At Soho (128,128).

8PM - Winner of Silver Lake Ice Sculpture Contest Announced
Skate over to Silver Lake to see all the creative entries in their Ice Sculpture Contest and cheer on the grand prize winner. At Silver Lake (158,169).

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